Meridian short story writing Contest

At Meridian Writing we run quarterly short story writing Contest and are looking for well written, thoughtfully constructed and entertaining short stories in any genre or theme - the most important elements are that the stories are complete with well-rounded characters, and have a distinctive story arc.

The art of the Short Story is, thankfully, back on a resurgence. For too long it had been considered a poor relative of the novel, but those who know better realize that to construct a well-paced, believable and entertaining story in a comparatively small number of words is an art form in its own right. When one is able to produce excellent stories in a few thousand words it is but a strop on which we can all hone our novel writing abilities.

We are not biased against any genre and welcome hard-core sci-fi as much as historical fiction or a noir thriller - it's the quality of the writing that counts. We all have to start somewhere and we would love to find the next JK, Philip Pullman or Minette Walters.

We suggest that you don't leave entering a contest too close to a deadline, but leave yourself plenty of time to work on a story and never send in your first draft! Write a story, put it away for a while then revise it - you will generally see where improvements can be made straight away. Please pay full attention to our Entry Requirements, as any entries which do not comply will be rejected and no monies returned.

Good luck, and we look forward to reading your stories soon.

In other news our postal address has now changed. Please be aware that the new address is:

19 Juniper Drive, Weston Turville, Aylesbury, Bucks HP22 5WW

Our summer contest is now open and runs until 30th June.



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