Literary Contest - Win $1500

The Literary Awards Program is judged by Alan Cheuse. The prizes are $1500 for the Grand Prize, and $1000 each for two runner-ups.

The 2011 LAP sees a few changes:
  • There will no longer be a page limit for postal entries.
  • We plan to launch a pilot program recognizing specific genres. So, in addition to the overall winners, we will select the best examples of certain genres. The details are currently being discussed and award options are being explored, so you definitely want to stay tuned for more information.
  • We are also planning to launch an annual chapbook of winning entries. More details on that coming soon.
  • We will be accepting previously published material. The only exceptions will be cash-prize winners from previous Awards Programs and authors who receive support from major publishing houses. But authors working with small, independent presses, and those who are self-published, will be eligible. There are more details in the FAQs, and we’ll be glad to answer any questions.


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