British Summer Design Contest

This summer Channel 4 is celebrating British street culture with some quality new programmes dedicated to the different elements of street-level genius, focusing on: street dance, urban sports, spoken word, hip hop and street art.

Street art and graffiti is going to be represented by the TV premiere of Exit Through the Gift Shop and a new documentary focusing on the UK scene which will include writers like Robbo. Channel 4 wants to find new talent too, to help promote Street Summer across the UK in the only way which makes sense; with massive pieces!

Get involved whatever your level, even if you've never used a spray can or worked on a wall before, because you will be mentored by an established artist from around your area who will help bring your work to life.

What You Win in British Summer Design Contest
You will work with the artist from your region to render your piece on a high profile wall (or maybe billboard!) in your region. The work will be up for two weeks.
Your work will feature on the Don't Panic Poster.
Your work will feature on a postcard which will distributed across the country in Don't Panic Packs.
You will be paid £300 for the use of your work.
You will be featured in a short film about your work.



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