The Lakes Photo Contest

Lakes Guide Photographic Competition 2011

Closing date extended - now July 31 2011 - get your entries in quickly!
"Images Of Lake District Life and Landscape"

Why not enter your pictures and win one of two £500 prizes?

Here's what to do.

We're looking for digital photos which capture the essence of the Lake District and the people living there: not necessarily the obvious beauty spots or tourist attractions, though these are very welcome, but images which capture the daily life of the Lakes in all its flavour and variety. Try and go beyond the obvious, and come up with images which add an unusual twist to our view of life in the Lakes. For example, shots of the farmers at work, or the routine of life beyond the tourist hotspots.

You can submit as many images as you wish, and they will all have an equal chance of winning one of the two £500 prizes. You can see previous years' winners on the links at the bottom of this page. There is an entry fee of £1 per photograph, payable by PayPal; when you've made your payment, please email us you entries stating the location of each photo, when it was taken, your name and the number of entries you are submitting. Your photos should be sent via email to

Closing date is July 31 2011 and winners will be announced by August 7 2011. OK, that's about it, but if you enter we'll assume you have read the full rules below, so please have a quick read.....but more importantly, get cracking, and send in your photos as soon as possible! We want to enjoy more excellent photos of the quality we've seen in previous years!

Select the number of entries below and click "Pay Now". Using PayPal means your financial information is never revealed to us. When you've paid, don't forget to email your photos to



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