Win 1000 Euro in Illustrators Competition

Here we go! Finally, the competition Calendario Duemila12 begins. The subject is "Privacy". He who is not too reserved and is willing to reveal his privacy to us can submit his work within September 23rd 2011. The final exhibition, which will take place at the Cultural Center Santa Maria della Pietà in Cremona for two months (December 2011 - January 2012), will show the works of 40 selected artists. Yes, same as last year we confirm that 40 authors will be selected by the jury and, same as last year, we confirm the release of the catalog of the exhibition (by the way: here you can browse Siesta, the catalog of last year’s exhibition).

Like every year the twelve best pictures will be part of our Calendar Duemila12 and the winner will win a prize of 1000 Euro. Confirmations on the hand, changes on the other: the jury is now led by Mr. Roberto Innocenti and the publishing house Kalandraka joins the jury this year. We also extend the cooperation: together with the established collaboration with Centro Fumetto A. Pazienza and Associazione Illustratori, another important institution in the world of illustration joins us: Sàrmede – Paese della Fiaba.



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