Winner Contest - 2011 Photo Contest

2011 Photography Annual

This year's competition had 5,520 entries for the judges to review. "The competition was run extremely well," juror Robert Krivicich said. "The fact that we could review over 11,000 images in two days still astounds me."

"Much of the editorial work felt the most substantive, meaningful and powerful," juror Jerry Takigawa said.

"The range of conceptual ideas and out-of-the-box thinking was a relief to see," said juror Leslie dela Vega. "You'd be surprised how much mediocrity I see on a daily basis."

Several judges commented on the quality of the video-based entries—31 projects—the strongest since we introduced the category several years ago. "I really liked the still-image, motor-drive technique included in several of the video entries," Krivicich said. "It created a Muybridge-like video rendering that I thought was energetic and spontaneous."

The biggest disappointment for juror Mimi Haddon was poor editing by photographers on their series submissions. "Many of us were cringing when we were in love with one or more images in a series, but couldn't vote it in because of one bad image." She said. "It's a great lesson for me as a photographer to ask for help editing my own work."

Winner Contest - 2011 Photography Annual by Commarts

Adams, Paul S.
Almås, Erik
Andersen, Jack
Archibald, Timothy

Barter, Andy
Beavis, Peter
Behdarvand, Pej
Beisch, Leigh
Bernardi, Caterina
Boulat, Alexandra
Breithaupt, Sean
Buck, Chris
Burset, Ale

Capozziello, Christopher
Clinch, Danny
Cooper, Michael
Cope, Nicholas Alan
Coulter, Dylan
Crabb, Lynton
Crisman, Chris
Cullen, John
Curry, Jeff
Cwenar, Tom

D'Amico, Pier Nicola
Dalsimer, Joshua
Day, James
Delano, James Whitlow
Desjean, Alain
Di Lauro, Marco
Diani, Stephanie
Diodato, Bill
Dixon, Trevor
Duffy, Bryce

Edmondson, Paul
Edwards, Jason
Eich, Matt
Elwood, Darren

Feng, Wuyong
Flach, Tim
Frankel, Laurie
Fullerton-Batten, Julia
Fulton, John

Gachet, Karla
Gardi, Balasz
Gary, Richard
Gilkey, David
Glass, Andy
Goodwin, Andy
Grande, John
Greaves, Toni
Grecco, Michael
Guité, Aric

Hall, Stuart
Haviv, Ron
Haye, Jessica
Heffernan, Ryan
Herber, Karl
Hirakawa, Sara
Høgsholt, David
Holder, Chad
Hooper, Mark
House, Troy
Houser, Robert
Hren, Greg
Hsiao, Clark
Hughes, Jim
Hursey, Dana
Hutchings, D. Jonathan

Jeong, Jimmy

Kafka, Evan
Kander, Nadav
Kasmauski, Karen
Katzman, Mark
Keatley, John
Kretschmer, Hugh
Kurtz, Anthony

Lahdesmaki, Markku
Laita, Mark
Larsen, Erika
Laval, Karine
Leda & St.Jacques
Lemoyne, Roger
Lippmann, Peter
Littky, Pamela
Locke, Jaclyn
Lok, John
Londono, John
Loomis, Just
Love, Jon

MacFadyen, Jamie
Mahovlich, Michael
Malek, Jean
Marchesi, Paolo
Mark, Arjun
Martin, Andrew
Martinez, Saul
McPherson, Chris
Mercier, Mark
Miller, Johnny
Molnar, Patrick
Monahan, Yvette
Morell, Vicki
Moser, Dave
Mota, Neil
Mumtaz, Ali
Muna, RJ
Murphy, Peter

Nemeth, Tibor
Newberry, Jim
Nobles, Scott
Norton, Jim

Ouellet, Raphaël

Parr, Martin
Parry, Nigel
Patni, Tejal
Pearson, Trevor
Peixotto, Steve
Pettersson, Per-Anders
Prior, David
Pugliese, Joe

Righton, Leigh
Rubin, Laurie
Russell, James

Sartore, Joel
Scanlon, Kevin
Schmidt, Christian
Schoeller, Martin
Seckler, Zack
Segal, Gregg
Segesta, John
Seltzer, Jeff
Severi, Robert
Shapton, Derek
Shell, Callie
Simhoni, George
Smith, Chris Frazer
Spiker, Scott
Stirton, Brent
Stoker, David
Streiber, Art
Stylianou, Matthew

Tezuka, Koichiro
Traylor, Bryan

V., Natasha
Valladares, Melissa
van den Brulle, Eric
Vasan, Gandee
Veczan, Adrien
Vedros, Nick
Von Hoene, Liz
Voss, Stephen

Wallis, Jason
Walsh, Austin
Wiens, Mark
Williams, Anna
Williams, David Jordan
Williams, Mark
Wilson, Christopher
Wood, Jonathan A.

Yen, Brian

Zaitz, David
Zaslow, Francine



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