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Game Jolt will be running it's 8th official themed contest! We'll be getting together (through the power of the interwebs) to make games together, live stream as we develop, chat it up, and hang out. The focus is on collaborating together, sharing our creations, and having a Good Ol' Fashioned Fun Time™ in the process! Won't you join us?


The contest will run for about a week starting August 11, 2012 midnight Eastern US time and finishing at midnight on August 19, 2012 Eastern US Time. (view the start time in your timezone)

For anybody confused, those are the midnights between 10th August / 11th August, and between 19th August / 20th August in Eastern US Time.

The full list of prizes will be announced at the start of the contest, however, you can count on Game Jolt frontpage features, Game Jolt grub (like t-shirts) and, as always, all contestants will also receive a Good Ol' Fashioned Fun Time™ -- courtesy of Game Jolt.

How to enter?
See that big button in the top-right corner of the page? Click it. Also, you can chat it up on the contest's forum topic if you have questions or just wanna express your excitement!

Your entry must be an original game created just for this contest.
Your entry must relate to the chosen theme revealed when the contest starts.
Collaborations are fine. Go for it with someone else! We like team work!
Multiple games can be submitted. (You can not place more than once, though. If you get first place with one game, you won't get second or third with another.)
There are no restrictions on creation tools, libraries, file sizes or anything like that. We like diversity.
Pre-existing game engines are acceptable.
You're encouraged to place the contest poster in your game, although it's not a requirement.



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