September Canada Photo Competition: Black and White

#photo #competition all competition - 2012 September Canada Photo Comeptition: Black and White

For many Canadians, September is a time of transition: from shorts to pants, from swimsuits to backpacks, from days leisure to days of hectic mornings and homework-filled nights.

It's also a month that falls straight between the winter and summer solstices.

September is also the most moderate month in many places, striking the perfect balance between hot and cold, dark and light.

In the spirit of that sense of balance, we decided to make this month's photo contest theme all about Black and White photography.


How to enter September Canada Photo Competition: Black and White

Upload your images using the form below, or visit our CBC Your News Community page to upload them directly to the "August photo contest" category. If you haven't joined, it's easy to do so. And if you are a member, well, you already know what to do.

The contest winner will receive a prize courtesy of the CBC Shop.

New Instagram option!

If you want to submit one of your Instagram photos, please hashtag your submission #CBCSeptemberPhotoContest

If all else fails, you can also submit images to

Please note: Only Canadian residents will be eligible for the final prize.



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