Hyderabad India Logo and Tagline Competition

Get creative. Happening Hyderabad logo and tagline contest is on. Are you ready?

Contest:  happening hyderabad Logo and Tagline Contest

Eligibility:  Logo
Resolution for upload (250 KB - Maximum). Higher resolution logo should be submitted upon request. Upload options - TIFF, JPG or GIF, The logo can be standalone or have the words "Happening Hyderabad" part of it.

Maximum words - 8, Maximum characters - 40

The Logo and/ or the Tagline can possibly reflect the cosmopolitan culture, rich heritage, investor friendliness, happening nature, salubrious weather, etc of hyderabad to name a few.

Closes on: September 15th, 2014

Prizes: Logo
Winning logo: Rs. 1 Lakh (One will be selected from all qualified entries)
Runner up logo: Rs. 50,000 (one each from Student and General)

Winning tag line: Rs. 50,000 (One will be selected from all qualified entries)
Runner up tag line: Rs. 25,000 (one each from Student and General)

Special Mention Prizes
Many other exciting prizes for contestants
All eligible entries will get a certificate of participation from the Government.

To join: visit www.happeninghyderabad.com/contest to enter competition


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