Cuentamontes International Writing Competition

Cuentamontes , in colaboration with "Centro Excursionista de Petrer" and "Clup Alpino Eldense", anounces the IV Contest of short stories and tales "Cuentamontes", with the mountains and mountaneers as the main topic. The goal of this contest is to promote the literary and artistic spreading of mountain topics.

The contest pursues the diffusion of the mountaneer literature and, in order to achieve that goal, the organizers publish a Cuentamontes book colection. Every book renunites the winner stories of every edition and a short biography of the mountaneer guest of honour in that edition. The main topic of the stories and/or tales is the mountain in all its sporting specialities (hiking, trekking, climbing...)

The contest is open. Stories written in Spanish or English whose authors are 18 or more are accpted. Nacionality is not an issue to participate. The contest will not accept stories written by the contest's jury members nor stories written by the year before winner.
There is a local category. Only authors born or living in Petrel or Elda can opt to that prize.

The stories must be original and unpublished. They should not have been awarded in any other literary contest. This rule has to be observed until the results are published.

They must be typed and turned in DIN A 4 paper sheets written only on the front of the paper. Handwritten documents are not accepted. The font must be Times New Roman or similar in size 12, regular margin and double interlinear space. The length can not be superior to twelve pages nor inferior to 6. They must lack details that can refer or identify the author. In another envelope the author must include: ID number or any other document that can identify the author, authot's name, last name, adress , phone number and e-mail .Also, on the outside of the envelope, as well as in the inside, the alias or nickname of the author and the story title must be written. Every author can send as many stories as they want but they can only win one prize.

The presentation of the stories can be made in person or by mailing 5 copies to the following adress: Certamen Literario Cuentamontes, Servicio Ofiprint, C/ Don Quijote, 81, 03600, ELDA (Alicante) SPAIN. You can also send it via e-mail in two separate mails, the story must be sent to:, and all the personal information and the sealed tender must be sent to

Dates, deadline, and selection process.
Deadline is on September 10th.

Those 10 finalist will be knonw around October 30th at the contest web page:

The final winners will be known by the end of november and that will be the time when the sealed tenders will be open and the real information of the contestants will be known. The local prize will go to the local highest clasified out of the ten finalist. If there were not any local among the finalists, the jury will choose the winner out of the three local stories with more votes.

The results of the contest will be published on the previously mentioned webpages. The awards ceremony will take place in a place, date and time that will be announced at some point.
Once the results had been made public, non finalist stories will be destroyed and there will be no further contact with the authors.

Cuentamontes first prize: 500 Euro and the edition of the story in a book.
Cuentamontes local prize: 150 Euro, and the edition of the story in a book.



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