Cuentamontes Mountain Photo Competition

Cuentamontes purchases to know the best mountain photographers, their work, their biographies and their advices or preferences when taking images of landscapes or scenes of mountain sports. Either landscapes, people or activities are accepted, but any of those have to reflect mountain sports. Avoid sending country or daily life pictures. We are interested in the Mountain as a scenario or setting and as an sporting activity, and in the people who practise those sports.

In order to participate you need to send 3 pictures via the link you can find in the webpage. You can send them via internet, even though we do not disregard the printed pictures. In that case we will not be retourning any of the pictures we recieve. In case you choose to send printed pictures, you can send them to the same adresses as the literary contest, adjoining all the personal information.

The deadline to send the pictures is September 10th of 2011.

The prize will be 150 Euro to only one winner, the statue of Cuentamontes (made of ceramics at the AMFI workshop and the publication of a sample of their photography work and a little biograpy of the author. Besides, the picture will be the cover of the book Cuentamontes 2011.



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