£1000 Prize Photo Competition

National Piers Society 2011 Photographic Competition

This year’s theme, selected by the NPS Executive Committee, is:

‘How the Seaside Pier can be fun for you!’

Some, but not all, seaside piers rely upon amusement arcades to provide their owners with essential income to keep the pier operational. What feature attracts you to your local or favourite pier? Perhaps it is all-night fishing, or piers that have theatres and traditional seaside entertainment; or maybe you just love the dodgems and all the fun of the fair. Maybe you like pier cafes and restaurants with views of the sea while you eat. Or maybe a Sunday morning stroll and then a seat on the pier for quiet contemplation is the attraction. Whatever draws you to piers try, with a camera, to capture the fun and appeal of the experience. The judges will be looking for the images that best illustrate the theme of the competition. The prizes, generously donated by an individual who wishes to remain anonymous, are:

The prizes:

1st £1000

2nd £ 600

3rd £ 400

The Judges, all professional photographers, will be meeting in October to agree the winners, who will be published in Piers and national magazines.

The only requirement of entry is that you are a member of the Society and the Executive Committee hope that you will remain as members to assist us in furthering the heritage of the country’s exceptional seaside piers.

All entries must be submitted via email using the link-icon below

Entries will be accepted ONLY by on-line submission via the email link on the main Photographic Competition page on our website between 12th March and 16th September 2011.

website: http://www.piers.org.uk/pierpages/NPS0photo2011comp.html


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