Photo Contest Prize 2.000 Euros Cash

Represent, through images, the magic and art that black and white photography can transmit. The absence of primary colors offers a unique scenario full of dramatic qualities, where the subject and the composition are the protagonists of the photographic image. Represent black and white photography using different techniques: digital photography, analog photography, mixed media, or digital art.

Photo Contest Award:
First prize of 2.000 euros cash to the author of the best image. Each of the 15 winners will receive as a prize, the edition and production of a photo book, for the presentation of photo book and awards, will be an exhibition from November 25 until December 09. 2011, in the Gallery of the Agrupacio Fotografica de Catalunya

One Orion Studio Kit that consists of two 400w/s Orion flash heads, etc. And a case for professional photographers model HPRC2700.

Photo Contest Prize:

First prize: of 2.000 euros cash to the author of the best image, that will be chosen by the panel of judges from among the first 100 pre-selected that have received the greatest number of votes. * The prizes will be subject to deduction from the corresponding income tax, according to current legislation.

Second Prize: Fifteen (15) winners will receive, as a prize, the printing and production of one photography book per winner (a total of 15 books printed by Blurb). Those winners that would like to sell the book by way of Blurb’s online sales system will be given the file of the book’s design in pdf format, so that they can take care of the entire procedure from Blurb’s webpage.

Third prize: Exhibition with the 18 winning images from the 25th of November until the 9th of December, 2011, in the gallery of the Association of Photographers of Catalonia (“Agrupaci√≥ fotografica de Catalunya”). The day of the inauguration, the presentation of the photography book will take place, as well as the handing out of the first, second, fourth, and fifth place prizes.

Fourth prize: One Orion Studio Kit that consists of two 400w/s Orion flash heads, two Softboxes, two light stands and a carry bag.

Fifth prize: A case for professional photographers model HPRC2700 de Ultralight, watertight,

• A digital certificate registering your participation in the exhibition will be sent via email.

Sixth prize: digital camera Fujifilm, FinePix S1800: digital camera type bridge with zoom 18x with wide-angle screen 3 inches and technology HD.

Seventh prize: A compact digital camera Fujifilm Finepix Z35,

• The day of the inauguration, a video will be made and photos will be taken, and they will be published in our blog and in various other media such as a digital art magazine, local press, blogs that specialize in art events, and social networks, among others.



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