Big City Photo Contest

Images of the big city contest. We live in a world full of big cities. We invite you to transmit, through images, the way you have of looking at these big, developed cities and capture, from your personal, sensitive point of view, what can influence the everyday life of these metropolises in which we live.

Participate in this contest by showing us your way of illustrating or photographing big cities. It doesn’t matter what camera you use, what technique you employ, or what means of illustration you would like to use. The important thing is what you can transmit with your images.

The 15 winning images will be displayed at Maxó gallery. Barcelona - Spain, from January 26 until 02 February 2012.

Big City Photo Contest Prize:
• There will be an exhibition in Spain of the 15 winning images that have been selected by a qualified panel of judges, from the first 100 pre-selected that have acquired the greatest number of votes, in Maxó Gallery (Calle Portal Nou, 29 - 08003, Barcelona, Spain) from January 26 to February 02, 2012.
• A digital certificate registering your participation in the exhibition will be sent via email.
• A cocktail party will be held to inaugurate the exhibition, on 26/01/2012.
• The day of the inauguration, a video will be made and photos will be taken, and they will be published in our blog and in various other media such as a digital art magazine, local press, blogs that specialize in art events, and social networks, among others.



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