Visual Creativity Graphic Design Contest

Visual Creativity Graphic Design Contest: Visualize time in our lives and represent it expressing your creativity in the creation of your own poster. What does time mean to you? Time to choose our lives, time to love, to forgive, to learn, or simply to live and accept time and the present moment. Creating harmony between letters and images, without limits regarding techniques or format to give space to imagination, convey a clear, direct message of what you want to express, using a means of communication as powerful as is the poster design.

First prize of 6.000 euros cash to the author of the best poster. The 15 winning poster will be displayed at Maxó gallery. Barcelona - Spain, from 21 to 28 June 2012.

Visual Creativity Graphic Design Contest Prizes:

• First prize of 6.000 euros cash to the author of the best poster, that will be chosen by the panel of judges from among the first 100 pre-selected that have received the greatest number of votes. The prizes will be subject to deduction from the corresponding income tax, according to current legislation.
• W’ll organize an exhibition from June 21st until June 28th 2012, of the 15 posters that have been selected by a qualified panel of judges. This exhibition will be held in the Maxó Gallery (Portal Nou, 29 - 08003 Barcelona - Spain).
• Second prize: A Tucano brand digital camera bag, SPAZIO FOR SLR
• Third prize: A Tucano brand laptop bag, YOUNGSTER FOR 16.4
• Fourth prize: A Tucano brand bag for storing cables and ipod, YOUNGSTER CABLE POUCH.



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