Garden Photo Contest 2011

We are looking for photographic entries that best capture the theme 'Garden Lifestyle 2011, with one requirement the photograph MUST feature either 'Timber Decking, Timber Fencing or Timber Sleepers'.

The contest is open to all ages and standards. The winner will be chosen based on the image that best reflects the theme of the contest.

Regardless of whether you have a large or small garden, old or new, the winning image will be the one that reflects a lifestyle garden at its best in 2011. The theme is deliberately open to interpretation.

The Garden Photo Contest 2011 prizes will be awarded as follows:
* First Prize: £500
* Second Prize: £100
* Third Prize: £50

Please take time to read the rules before entering and entries are limited to one entry at a time, but you can enter as many times as you wish. Once your image has been through our moderation procedure it will be displayed in the gallery.

Garden Photo Contest 2011 Rules

* The contest is open to Amateur and Professional Photographers. Amateur and Professional entries will be judged together.
* The winner be selected based on the quality of the photograph and the relevancy of the subject to the contests theme.
* The judges decision is final
* All entries must be received electronically by midnight 30th September 2011
* All submissions are subjected to watermark testing and it is the responsibility of the entrant to ensure that the image submitted is their own work and not copyrighted material or rights owned by another photographer, individual or company.
* You must be a resident of the United Kingdom to enter.
* By submitting your entry you are authorising Ltd to use your submission on any Ltd Websites without restriction.
* It is the entrants responsibility to ensure that permissions have been obtained from any person, brand or structure featured in a photograph.
* By submitting the image or photograph you confirm that are the copyright holder and creator of the image and that you will be responsible for any claims by any third party.
* Entries must not be larger than 2MB in size and only the following formats are accepted - jpg, png, gif, tif
* The winner will receive £500 as first prize, second place awards consist of £100 and third place £50 as a cash prize.
* Winners will be notified within 14 days of the contest finishing and a full postal address will be requested from the winners then.
* There may be authentication checks carried out on any entry and the winners will be publicised on the Timber-on-line website.
* All photographic entries must be located in UK.
* The judges reserve the right not to publish entries and reject entries for any reason.
* No employees, friends or family members of employees of Ltd may enter the contest.



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