Weather Eye Textures Photo Contest

This year for Competition 5 we are running 4 seasonal competitions alongside the main annual event.

You can enter images regardless of the weather or season in your country.

Monochrome : until 31 March
Black and white or tones of one colour. Be creative - explore patterns, shapes and textures.

New Mornings: 1 April - 31 May
Fresh images photographed to celebrate new growth, new beginnings, new energy.

Weather Eye : 1 June - 31 August
Mist, sun, snow and rain - all essential elements in the growing of plants - and all elements which can add atmosphere and depth to your photography. Watch out for the weather forecasts!

Textures: 1 September - 30 November
The colour and textures of the autumn (Fall)- leaves, tree bark, single colours or patterns. The more abstract the better!



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